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Why RapidInput

RapidInput is a powerful image processing and mobile text recognition tool. It turns the mobile camera into a productivity tool and makes mobile data entry easier than ever before. It enables mobile users to instantly scan specific text snippets wherever needed using the camera as an input device. RapidInput works real-time and uses a context driven search. Using mobile OCR in video mode this is the most performant solution in the market for capturing specific content. We offer an SDK that allows Enterprises to boost efficiency of their mobile workforce and enhance the user experience of mobile Apps.
RapidInput SDK - Workflow Optimization

Workflow Optimization

The RapidInput SDK helps optimize your workflows and enhances the productivity of your mobile workforce.

RapidInput SDK - Process Automation

Process Automation

The SDK automates your internal and customer-facing the data capture processes and autonomously delivers the best possible output in an instant.

RapidInput SDK - Highly Reliable

Always Reliable

The technology behind the SDK has proven to be highly reliable and is robust enough for industry-grade and mass market uses.

  • We have undergone an effort to mobilize case reporting in law enforcement with the use of smartphones and tablets. The collaboration with Dacuda and the use of RapidInput enabled us to provide a reliable and accurate solution for our customers to automatically capture identity data and keep their focus on other important things.

    Martin Wirz Head of Public Sector / Unisys Switzerland
  • Thanks to RapidInput we were able to offer to our bank customers a solution that can really improve the user experience in mobile banking. Users of mobile banking apps with RapidInput integrated can do payments within seconds just by pointing at the payment slip. There is no more need for typing any account numbers or recipient address.

    Christoph Kuhn Crealogix E-Banking AG / Project Lead
  • RapidInput really helped us streamline the entire floor check process with car dealers. The leasing bank no longer has to physically send auditors to the dealers. Our mobile solution, having the RapidInput VIN Reader integrated, now enables us to delegate the floor check to the car dealers while maintaining full security. Floor checks can therefore be performed more frequently while saving time for the dealer and reducing cost for the leasing banks.

    Denis Herth PS-Team AG / Head of Business Development

RapidInput SDK

RapidInput allows for immediate extraction of specified content using a context driven search. The SDK can be tuned to read any custom format of textual content and already includes several modules for specific use cases. Try out our demo App and convince yourself of the speed, accuracy and reliability of the technology.

RapidInput - MRZ Reader Features Pic

MRZ Reader

RapidInput MRZ Reader extracts data from the Machine Readable Zone (MRZ) of a wide range of identity documents in an instant. Just point at the Passport, ID card or driver’s license to extract the data.

RapidInput - VIN Reader Features Pic

VIN Reader

RapidInput VIN Reader reliably extracts the Vehicle Identification Number directly from the car’s windshield, the vehicle registration card or the door sticker.

RapidInput - Custom Code Features Pic

Custom Content Capture

RapidInput can be tuned to read virtually any textual content from documents or objects and can be optimized for enhancing specific use cases.


RapidInput can be applied to specific use cases in various industries. Our technology is perfect for a variety of apps for both customers and employees. The SDK helps streamline internal and customer-facing business processes across the value chain.
RapidInput - Public Security & Government

Public Security & Government

RapidInput Industries - Mobile Data Capture for Automotive


RapidInput Industries - Mobile Data Capture for Mobile Banking

Mobile Banking


We are a computer vision company that redefines the capabilities of cameras with real-time 2D and 3D algorithms. Let us support you wherever our expertise in imaging can help you enhance your App. Our engineers are fully committed to provide you with the optimal solution for your user experience and we try make your life as easy as possible and support you in the creation of your solution based on RapidInput.


Just download and try out our SDK. Learn how simple integration can be and convince yourself from the performance of this powerful technology.