Turn your camera into an input device – our customizable mobile OCR solutions are faster and more accurate than typing

RapidInput SDK

RapidInput SDK is the easiest and quickest way to capture and use physical information where you need it on your mobile device. The SDK provides you with a powerful tool and mobile scanner for text, numbers or codes to enhance your mobile application, making it more efficient, more secure and more fun to use. The SDK already covers various use cases letting your phone extract physical information just by looking at it. The feature set of the SDK can be easily extended for any additional use case where typing information into your mobile phone today is still a pain. Try out our Demo Application:

Rapid Input SDK - Cutting Edge Technology

Cutting Edge Technology

The SDK is based on Dacuda’s patented and mass market proven SLAM Scan® technology which is widely used in various 2D and 3D imaging solutions across the world.

RapidInput SDK - Simple Integration

Easy Integration

The SDK provides a simple API for easy integration wherever needed in a mobile App. To make it as easy as possible for you we provide sample code for integration and a demo projects.

RapidInput - Real-time Feedback

Runs in Real-Time

What you see is what you get. Our solutions all run in real-time providing visual feedback using the video mode of the smart phone to extract the needed information instantly.

RapidInput SDK - Instant Extraction

Instant Extraction

The SDK is the fastest and most responsive solution for extracting any line of code, text or numbers from various sources turning any phone into a high performance mobile scanner.

RapidInput SDK - Works Offline

Works Offline

The SDK runs completely on-device and securely sends the output to the mobile application. No cloud connection is needed for detecting and extracting the needed information.

RapidInput - Easy to Use

Easy to Use

The SDK is easy to use and requires no training at all. The user experience is optimized to work perfectly for specific use cases and functions under the most difficult conditions. RapidInput handles different angles and also works well even when lighting is not ideal.

RapidInput - MRZ Reader Features Pic

RapidInput MRZ Reader

The RapidInput MRZ reader extracts the information from identity documents. It supports any identity documents with a machine readable zone from around the world.  The intuitive interface guides the user with live feedback for best results. The entire solution functions entirely offline and integrates quickly and seamlessly into other applications. It was built with compatibility in mind, and is highly accurate, highly reliable and extremely easy to use, requiring no training.

RapidInput - VIN Reader Features Pic

RapidInput VIN Reader

The RapidInput VIN Reader reads the vehicle identification number of cars. The VIN Reader extracts the information directly from the vehicles windshield, door sticker or paper document. It is based on cutting edge imaging technology and also works well under difficult lighting conditions providing real-time user feedback. The VIN Reader supports all major Car brands and VIN formats.

RapidInput - Custom Code Features Pic

Custom Content Capture

The RapidInput SDK can be customized to allow your App to read any combination of text, numbers or codes from various sources. Using a context driven search, any use case requiring data entry into a mobile phone can be made more efficient, more reliable and more secure using RapidInput.  Contact us for ideas; be it voucher codes, phone numbers, license keys or any other content – we can let your phone do the work for you.