Custom OCR solutions optimizable to read any line of content in an instant

Custom OCR Solution

RapidInput is the most powerful mobile imaging and text recognition tool for mobile devices using highly sophisticated context driven search algorithms in real-time. Using the embedded camera of the mobile device we find and extract any specified line of information from various sources. By tuning our custom OCR specifically for certain use cases we can make sure you always have the optimal data capture solution for you mobile application, even under the most difficult conditions. Any workflow requiring data entry into a mobile phone can be made more efficient, more reliable and more secure using RapidInput. Our computer vision experts really can make your phone do the work for you, teaching it to read any line of content.


















What you get

  • Header files (.hpp files) containing API written in C++ and function descriptions
  • .framework file containing static .a library compiled in both 32-bit and 64-bit ready for integration into 3rd party application
  • API documentation including sample code for explanation


Supported operating systems

  • iOS 9 and later
  • Android coming soon
  • Windows Phone on request


Supported devices

  • Full performance support for iPhone 5S, 5C, 6 (plus) or later
  • Full performance support for iPad 3, 4, Air, Mini 2, Mini 3 or later
  • Running on iPhone 4s and iPad Mini with potentially reduced performance

Examples of Custom Features

  • Voucher codes
  • Credit cards
  • Nutritional facts
  • Pharmaceutic packages
  • Phone number, email address
  • URL
  • Loyalty cards
  • WiFI password
  • License keys
  • Serial numbers
  • Number plates
  • More…