RapidInput MRZ Reader – the quickest way to read identity documents

MRZ Reader

The RapidInput MRZ Reader is a powerful image processing and mobile text recognition tool, that can be easily integrated into your mobile application to allow it to read identity documents. The MRZ Reader uses the embedded camera of the Smart Phone to detect and extract all information from the machine readable zone of an ID card, driver’s license or passport in real-time.

The MRZ Reader enables your organization to extract and share identity information without typing. The high performance MRZ reading not only streamlines your processes making them more efficient and secure, but our solution will also ensure increased data quality.

What you get

  • Header files (.hpp files) containing API written in C++ and function descriptions
  • .framework file containing static .a libary compiled in both 32-bit and 64-bit ready for integration into 3rd party application
  • API documentation including sample code for explanation


Supported operating systems

  • iOS 9 and later
  • Android coming soon


Supported devices

  • Full performance support for iPhone 5S, 5C, 6 (plus) or later
  • Full performance support for iPad 3, 4, Air, Mini 2, Mini 3 or later
  • Running on iPhone 4s and iPad Mini with potentially reduced performance

Supported document types

  • All travel documents according to ICAO document 9303 standard,
  • TD1, TD2 and TD3 size Machine Readable Travel Documents
  • Swiss ID card, Swiss driver’s license, Swiss passport, Swiss resident card (credit card format)
  • French IDs, Romanian IDs and others which do not follow the standard
  • Any additional MRZ document on request


Supported Orientation

  • Both landscape and portrait mode are supported
  • Dynamic switch of orientation during capture mode possible