Mobile data capture for streamlining your industry specific processes

Industry Examples

RapidInput is the easiest and quickest way to capture and use physical information where you need it on your mobile device. Using the SDK in their mobile applications, Enterprises can streamline their operations to boost productivity, reduce costs, enhance user experiences and increase sales. RapidInput can be tuned to read virtually any content from different sources, making it the ideal mobile data capture tool to apply for specific industry use cases where data entry is still a pain. RapidInput is already used in various use cases augmenting current industry solutions.

RapidInput - Mobile Data Capture for Public Security & Government

Public Security & Government

RapidInput automates the data entry of personal identity information on mobile devices and transforms the way law enforcement does identity checks and enters personal data in the field. When before they had to manually type identity information into their mobile devices, using the MRZ Reader now allows the instant extraction of the relevant data by simply pointing at the machine readable zone of  identity documents using the camera of their mobile device. Wherever manual entry of identity data is still necessary today, RapidInput can replace the current workflow and allows the mobile workforce to focus on the key value generating processes again.

RapidInput VIN Reder - RapidInput Industries - Mobile Data Capture for Automotive Industries


The RapidInput VIN Reader aims at boosting productivity and enhancing various workflows across the value chain in the automotive industry. Leasing banks use the mobile data capture solution to save cost by delegating floor checks to the car dealers using a secure and foolproof data capture process. At the same time the VIN Reader is used by the dealers allowing them to pull up all relevant customer & car data, increasing the dealers negotiation power from the first minute, leading to increased sales. Insurances can radically reduce the entire claim management process time for reduced cost and enhanced user experience for the damaged customer.

RapidInput RapidInput Industries - Mobile Data Capture for Mobile Banking

Banking & Finance

Banking is more and more going mobile but in many cases mobile customer on-boarding as well as mobile payment execution is still very cumbersome since invoices are not standardized. RapidInput helps authenticate users and enhance the mobile banking experience. In Europe IBAN and BIC entry has become mandatory. Integrating RapidInput, mobile banking applications enable users to just point at the information needed instead of typing it. Banks value the ease of integrating the RapidInput mobile data capture in order to boost adoption of mobile banking.